Our Mission

We work hard to make the playing field between gamblers and online gambling businesses more level. If you have a genuine case where your money has been confiscated or withheld, we will do our utmost to get you the winnings that you deserve.

Green Table Legal: Our Story

My name is Konrad Kwiatkowski. I have been involved in gambling from both sides for many years, but it was not until I started gambling online back in 2004 that I began to understand just how murky, unfair and sometimes downright illegal the online gambling industry could be. Real-world casino action might be much less convenient for most gamblers around the world, but brick and mortar casinos tend to follow the laws of the local jurisdiction and are much more consistent in how they deal with their clients.


As an experienced gambler, I was always on the lookout for ways to find an edge on many kinds of online gambling activities, including sports betting, poker and casino action.

Over the years I came across many examples of horror stories where players had been denied the winnings that were rightfully theirs. These people were real victims; I felt that there was something very wrong that these people were so badly treated.


In a world where customer service and reputation are vital and where many, if not most businesses try to do their best by their paying customers, the online gambling industry stands out for its outright hostility toward clients.

It Happened To Me!

Eventually, I too became a victim; guilty of the crime of winning and wanting to cash out my winnings.

The company refused to pay me the winnings that I had, quite legitimately, won. After trying to deal directly with the casino and getting nowhere, I had gone through all the free options. I went through the casino complaint procedure and the ADR (alternative dispute resolution) without success. The casino would not budge. I felt that I had been mistreated even by those whose purpose was to protect players.

Finally, I was able to get my winnings, but that happened only because I knew about how the gambling business worked and had access to professional legal advice that forced the casino to pay me. Most gamblers would not have the knowledge, time, or resources, to do as I was able.

The AHA! Moment –
The Birth Of GreenTableLegal.com

When I went through the experience of being cheated by an online gambling company and understood at first hand the difficulties of getting a fair resolution, I came to realise at first hand the pain that others were going through. I decided that something must be done and so I put my business expertise into doing something positive to help gamblers who had been cheated.


In 2017 I started this site: GreenTableLegal.com and set about building a team and system that could help gamblers to get back the money unscrupulous online gambling businesses owed them.

Where Are We Now

Today, we have systems in place to help us deal with cases brought to us by clients. We have a team of business and legal professionals who can pursue dishonest online gambling businesses up to and including court action. We expect to win any case that we take on and our record of successes backs that up. Because the process of getting your money from these companies can be a long one, we have more cases still being processed to an eventual and, we expect, successful, conclusion.

Remember, right might be on your side but enforcing your rights is tough and can take a long time. The whole process of getting gambling companies to pay is much tougher than most people understand, but when we take on your case, we are on your side. You can trust us to help you through this challenging, complicated, process.


If you have a claim against an online gambling site, please contact us by clicking below, and we can start to make things right for you!